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First Time Buyers

first time buyer Mortgage Adviser in Hinckley


Applying for a mortgage can sometimes be a painful process however many times the applier may have done it in the past. A lot of the information can leave people unsure of what to do. It is the job of our mortgage advisers to step in and make this process clear so you can easily decide which direction you want to go in.




10 Top Tips For First Time Buyers


1. Be Realistic

When you do find your dream property, we strongly advise all clients to pursue a Decision in Principle, so that you know how much you can offer beforehand.

It is also important that you factor in all renovation and furnishing costs you are thinking about if your chosen property is in some state of disrepair.

You will also need to consider additional fees such as conveyance and stamp duty. Have a chat with us for some expert advice on helping with this process.

2. Bring An Experienced Home Buyer To View The Property

If you have a friend or family member who has recently bought a home then get them to come and view your chosen property. It is easy to miss things when you are new. Experienced buyers will have frank advice about the buying process and will be able to offer some helpful hints and tips.

3. Extra Costs

If this is your first time buying a property, there are a number of costs you may not have planned for. The best way to avoid this happening is to research and to take the time out to work out your monthly outgoings to ensure that you’re well prepared for a mortgage and any unforeseen circumstances that could impact on you.

4. Council Tax

Your estate agent will inform you which tax band your chosen property is in, in addition to other taxes levied by your local authorities. Make a note of this and factor them into your budget.

5. Good Local Schools

Naturally, families with young children will need to consider how good the local schools are. In addition, buying a home in the catchment area of an excellent school could increase the future price of your property.

6. Security Levels

One important factor you will want to consider are the crime rates for your area as this could impact on your insurance. Moving from a property with secured parking and low crime rates to a property with on-road parking and statistically higher crimes could result in higher premiums.

7. Links to Public Transport

Research has shown that houses situated in towns outside of large cities with good transport links are in strong demand with buyers. Naturally, buyers will want to consider the local costs and times of using buses and trains to surrounding cities.

8. Local Amenities

Another thing to consider are local conveniences such as supermarkets, restaurants, gyms and so forth.

9. Internet Availability

A recent development in the buying of a house that purchasers will need to consider are local internet speeds. Now an essential utility, it is definitely worthwhile to look at internet providers in the area and what speeds they can offer your chosen property.

10. Commutability

Long commutes to work can add up if you decide to live further afield from your place of work. With public transport costs beginning to increase in the future, this is something you will need to consider when deciding on the location of your property.



 Talk To Us About Your First Time Buyer Mortgage

Do you need some expert advice on getting that first mortgage for your chosen home from one of our mortgage advisers in Hinckley?

Get in touch today and let us guide you through the process and help you make the right decisions.

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Re-mortgaging is the process of moving from one mortgage deal to another one, typically from a new lender. There are a number of reasons you may want to move your mortgage, the most common reason is to consolidate debt.

A lot of people decide to move their mortgage after an introductory rate from their current lender has expired and have found a better deal elsewhere. When this happens, it may be possible to switch to a new deal with their current lender thereby avoiding potential penalties and costs for moving.


It is always important to take a look at your financial circumstances and assess how any changes will impact on this. Adding short term debt to your home may increase the total amount payable – and if you cannot pay this, your home may be repossessed.

Mortgage Adviser in Hinckley, remortgage consultations









Things to consider When Re-Mortgaging

If you do decide to re-mortgage, chances are that you will have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing mortgage lender.

It is important to remember that re-mortgaging may not always be the right decision. Clients may find themselves in a worse position if they blindly follow low APR deals and do not consider the following:

They May Charge Fees

You may find your new lender adding charges for property valuations and legal fees, even if you have already paid for these with your current lender. However, if you do take a look at what is on the market, you may find a lender willing to forego these costs.

Overall Repayment Period 

Although deals that reduce monthly payments look tempting, these deals usually entail a longer repayment period and you may find that you are tied into a longer period than your current mortgage.




Get Some Advice On Re-Mortgaging With Us

It is essential that you fully understand the pros and cos when making the crucial decision to re-mortgage your property. Our friendly mortgage advisers in Hinckley can help you find the best deals and offers. Contact us to book an appointment to discuss re-mortgaging your property.

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 Buy To Let



There are a lot of benefits to becoming a private landlord and it can be an extremely worthwhile venture. However, there are potential pitfalls that will need to be examined before embarking on becoming a landlord.

In comparison to other investment opportunities, purchasing a property to let can be rather more stressful. The property market is often unpredictable and there is no guarantee that your property value will increase after you have purchased it.

Nevertheless, in the long term, buying a property to let can be extremely rewarding.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of buy to let lending.



Buy to let Mortgage Adviser in Hinckley






Three Main Differences in Buy To Let Mortgages

Generally, there are three major differences when applying for a regular mortgage and a buy to let mortgage.

1. Rent Potential

The income that will be created from letting a property is often taken into account in an application for a buy to let mortgage in addition to your current income.

2. Interest Rate

Buy to let mortgages have higher rates of interest than other mortgages.

3. Larger Deposit

Broadly speaking, a deposit of around 20-25% is needed for a successful application.





 Additional Costs to Keep in Mind

Prospective buyers should be looking to collect around 135% of the rental properties interest-only mortgage repayments. This is to cover costs should any problems arise. Potential costs include:



Property upkeep

Looking after the property is something that will need to be factored into costs. If the property is old, renovation and conversion costs will need to be added.

Letting agent’s fees

Finding and vetting tenants will normally cost 10% of the monthly rent, with an additional 5% to fully manage the property.

Ground rent/service charges

Applicable to leasehold properties.

Legal insurance

This is to cover the cost of evicting tenants in the event of non-payment. It is vital that owners are covered as this can be a long, costly and stressful affair.



Building insurance and contents insurance for the items provided as part of the rental agreement, such as the appliances.


If you decide to furnish the property, it is important to make sure that you are covered by home insurance as replacing furniture can be expensive.

Gas/electrical appliances.

Ensuring that every appliance in the house is safe and complies with regulations. This also needs to be properly listed in the inventory.

Decorating costs

A newly purchased property may require renovating depending on how well the upkeep has been. If the property has not been properly maintained this will be costlier.




 Call Us And Get Some Advice On Buy To Let Mortgages

Our helpful mortgage advisers in Hinckley can help you when it comes to looking for the best Buy to Let Mortgage with our expertise and experience. Get in touch to book an appointment to discuss your circumstances and the best way in going forward in becoming a landlord.

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Moving Home

 Moving Home Mortgage Adviser in Hinckley


Moving homes is rarely an enjoyable experience. It is normally necessary to put your life on hold while you sort out the various tasks to make the moving successful. Keeping on top of everything is usually done through doing your homework and being prepared for everything.

Our mortgage advisers are always at hand to help guide you in this stressful process. With many years of consulting experience in the property market, we can help you find the right answers.





Moving Home Top Tips


Budget Planning 

One of the most important things you will need to think about are the costs involved in moving house. It is vital to be aware of the numerous charges that you will invoke such as estate agent fees, stamp duty, mortgage advice fees, removal costs, new furnishings and so forth.

Being aware of these costs and budgeting for them with ample room for any surprise costs that may occur is the best way to avoid any unforeseen shocks.


These days, the internet is a critical service as important as the gas, electricity and water. Whether or not you use the internet a lot, it is always worth checking out the speeds and costs of local providers as this could have an effect on your property price if or when you choose to sell your home.


Being in the vicinity of a first-rate school is something that most young families will want to remember. If you have children and you are planning to relocate, make sure that you are within your school’s catchment area.

Estate Agent

Another important aspect, movers will want to consider are the estate agents in your area. Choose wisely as a good estate agent will help smooth the process of moving from one house to another, whereas a bad estate agent will waste your precious time and money.

Traditional agent versus Online Agent

Both choices have their pros and cons. Take time to consider these to make the right choice for you.

Traditional Estates Agents

Brick and mortar estate agents typically charge more. For this, customers get more face to face interaction with their client and more involvement with the selling process. Customers may also prefer visiting local offices for appointments.

Online / Hybrid Agents

If you seek an alternative you may choose to deal with an online or hybrid agent (these typically combine the online and traditional parts of the estate agents work). The mover can benefit from the cheaper cost of this but this comes at the expense of less interaction with their agent, and the mover can expect to do more of the legwork.



Thinking Of Moving Home and Looking For Advice?

If you feel lost and confused by the sometimes daunting amount of paperwork necessary to move home, get in touch for a discussion at Marc Catry. Our experienced mortgage advisers in Hinckley can offer helpful advice to help guide you in terms that are clear and easy to understand.

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Help To Buy


 Buy to Let, Mortgage Adviser in Hinckley






Help to Buy



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